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05 July 2006 @ 12:45 pm
I hope it's not to long ^^;;  

Name: Maaike
Age: 18
Location: The Netherlands
First language: Dutch

Harry Potter

1. Which Harry Potter character do you feel you can relate to the most?
Ginny, for a lot of reasons. First of all I am the youngest of four children although I have one sis and two older brothers, so I know what it is to live in a large family. And when my mom and dad divorced were just as rich as the Weasleys so I too had to wear a lot of hand me downs (even though my dad spoiled me with toys, he never was that logical). Further more, Ginny used to be so timid and intimidated by everyone in her first year. To scared to even say a word against Harry. A lot like me, I was totally overwhelmed when I first went to high school. I was a total wall flower really. The Ginny had the Chamber of Secrets accident, I think it is a lot like when my mother had lung cancer and my friends dumped me and I had a lot of problems with my father. I felt so totally betrayed and all one. It was the first time I realised that it was necessary for me to change. I pretended to be confidant and haughty, just to cover up all my insecurity. Some years later when I finally realised that my mom was not a saint an my dad not the Devil I made my mind up. I did wanted to pretend anymore, I wanted to LIVE. I changed my whole being, I became more positive and independent and I had the courage to do all those things that I never dared to go to.I think Ginny realised her own potential as well since she suddenly reappeared in the books with a total make over. People label her as 'Mary Sue' but she's far from perfect.

2. Which character is your favourite? Which character is your least favourite?
My favourite is Snape... Yes, even after the Half Blood Prince. I find him more than intriguing. I'm totally against the Dark Arts but that does not mean that I have no respect for it, or those who wield it. Snape in particular because he manages to balance it, otherwise Dumbledore would not have trusted him. Which is probably the hardest of all. I love the sarcastic remarks he makes, it's more than just annoying (like Draco's) but always manages to push peoples buttons (I almost died laughing at Spinners End). Adding to that, I always respect teachers who are tough on their students, but only if they truly know their subject. That kind of teaching simply works the very best for me, and yes I have fist hand experience. A teacher of mine who we called the Drill Sargent was the most intimidating teacher of the whole school, he did not only punished the students with additional homework but made sure to totally embarrass that student. Students running out of his class crying was actually a routine. But alike Snape, I didn't hate him, his method maybe cruel, but that's life, and it was very effective too. No other character have fascinated me like Snape does. I never really liked Dubledore that much, I always have the feeling that he just uses every one as a bunch of pawns, but perhaps that's just me. So I hardly have any grudge over Snape killing Dubledore... Hmm that sounded crueler than expected ghehe.
My least favourite is Lockhart. As an artist I know how totally frustrating it can be if someone steals your art and has the guts to post it as his own. But to steal the peoples accomplishments and even put a memory charm on them! Unbelievable! I cannot understand how Hermione could find him attractive, I would be disgusted with someone like him, men with too good looks are usually also too good to be true (like my not so beloved father). Adding to that a man so VAIN! I loathe people who so desperately want to be the center of the attention, they usually start telling a lot of lies to get some attention and what makes them very very lonely in the end (a classmate recently noticed that one).

3. What was your favourite and least favourite moment in Harry Potter?
Oh I hated ALL the Draco/Harry moments in the Half Blood Prince >:( The Draco Like OMG the main character thinks somethings up! And noooobody believes him and theeen it HAPPENS. Arg come on. When I was reading it I was thinking in the back of my mind that if it was a fanfiction, I would give it a not so constructive criticism review, simply for making to plot so predictable. Well the Dubledore part was not really predictable but the Draco part was, we all knew that he would be involved somewhere. And in the first tree books it was usually Harry who toughed someone was the bad guy (say 1st Snape, 2nd Draco, 3rd Serius) and this finally breaks at the Goblet of Fire, suddenly he's not really interested in who got him in this mess. But we got the same basic plot back at the Half Blood Prince. Usually Harry thinks someone did it and Ron or Hermione agree, and in they end they were wrong, but since neither of them agreed it was painfully obvious to me that he would be right this time. I hated it and I only read the book once because of it (to compensation I read OotP & GoF both about 7 times).
And for my fav moment it was definitely the Battle at the Ministry of Magic. I totally loved it ^^ The battle and the action and the mystery that we've been living through the whole book finally explained. And we got to see more of the death eaters and even Voldemort vs Dumbledore. I think I read that part about 40 times XD


4. List your top three negative and positive traits. Explain.
Loyalty My loyalty knows no boundaries. But I'm extremely picky about the people whom I call best friends. But once you've gained my trust, and managed to hold it over a long time, then it's a guarantee for forever friends. I still have a lot of contact with the friends I had at my elementary school and high school. Even if they move and it's harder to see one another I still call to check how they're doing. When they're in any kind of problem, I will pick them up, help them out or whatever is necessary to support them. I've been though a lot so I usually know how to help them. Nothing is good enough for my friends.  
Optimistic I used to be a real pessimist, only thinking of what could go wrong. I used to be scared of the simplest things, like going out. I was extremely prejudiced against almost everything. But that life style didn't make me any happier with who I was. So now I do not shrink away from every big event or 'new' things. If they can do it, I can do it, and possibly even better. Don't be afraid of giving people compliments or saying thanks, or admit that you're wrong, it's okay to be human. Just smile when you feel down and people start smiling back :) Trust me, it works.
Neutral Every child of divorced parents tends to have the same problem, parents are making them chose between them. Nothing is more painful than that. At the time I believed my mother lies and she had cancer so I was clinging on to her. After 4 years of fighting with my dad I took the initiative to start talking instead of shouting over the phone and generally started to fix things. My father wasn't innocent either. It was really painful to know with both of my parent had used me against each other. So now, I'm as neutral as one can get. In almost every argument I stand my ground for my own opinion, but if I'm of opinion that it's not really worth it, I'll be neutral. I have a lot of best friend who hate each other, so yet again, I'll be neutral. Sometimes that can get to their nerves, because they feel like they need support. But sorry, over that kind of petty things, I don't care.

Distrusting If I notice one of my lesser friends is not as attentive as they usually are without a good reason I have a tendency to mistrust them a lot. I've been betrayed a lot of times and although I've gotten over it, I still have a lot of scars. I have the tendency to act very indifferent towards people that the not qualify as 'forever friend' but more as 'just a friend'. Sometimes I will try to make it better, but most of the times I get very bitter or snap at them instead. I tend to make lists in my head to keep up with what they don't like and what they do like, so I can avoid subject subjects. To me that feels like lying to them. They hardly never see the whole me, because I don't trust them enough to let them know me.
Adding to that I'll NEVER trust an adult, I've seen to many times as a child that adults may seem interested in you, but they'll dump you just as easily. Adults have even more faces (or masks) than the average teenager. I respect or frown upon some adults, but I will never ever open up to them. None till now have been worthy of all that I've told them. Most of them just set it aside and forget it. And I loath that kind of behavior. But alas, that has also to due to the lack of decent parents.
Contempt I have a tendency to look down on people without them knowing it. I use -code- words to hide them. As example, if you ask me it I like the drawing that you made, but I do not like you, I'd tell you that it looks 'distinctive' meaning it suck but I won't mind you walking around thinking it looks great haha. Another example when you are me if I agree, and I really don't, but it's easier for you to think that I do, I answer 'indeed' instead of 'yes'. Most people do not even notice the difference but to me it's very amusing >:) .
Indecisive I have a hard time choosing ANYTHING really. I usually am capable to hide this trait by piking out what's most logic or by just going with the flow. I know it annoys a lot of people but the reason I don't want to choose is because I always

5. Who is the person you admire the most?
Saskia, my half sister. We have the same mother and a different father. We shared the same room, we stole each others pencil cases and she was out of the house when she was sixteen. Leaving me behind at the age of eight. I saw her less and less after that. My sister mainly consists of her explosive personality. She and my mother were always fighting about nothing, really. But the reason why I admire her so is because she was always my main example. My father left my mother and her four children when I was six, so those two years in between my sister (and my older brother) took great care of me, because my mother was working all the time.
She is the reason why I stared drawing. I remember that she had drawn a homy scene with crayons one day. With a window and a cat looking over a winter landscape. It was so beautiful that her art teacher did not believe that she made it. But from that day on I wanted to draw too. She already has her bachelor degree in graphic design, she works for O'neal now. Also, she's is a far better singer than me, although she sings a lot of R&B and quite like Alicia Keys and I a lot more musical and gospel songs. Not only am I inspired by her but I also have a tremendous respect for her independence, her creativity and even her stubbornness. She's always been the strong person I wanted to be. But now I can see that following some is not nearly as good as becoming someone on your own. But I still (and always will) look up to her.

6. How important are your friends and family to you?
Family SUCKS & Friends ROCK ^^
(the friends part has/will return in other questions so I'll explain he family part here)
A loong looong time ago my mom got married an had three children, a boy Martijn, a girl Saskia and an 'accident child' Thomas. Then she divorced remarried when and they gained another little sister, Maaike, me. Six years later, she divorced again.
I'm not really close to my siblings, they all left the house when they were 16. But my oldest brother is the one I totally trust, the one who always tried to be a 'father' figure' and has lived the life. I totally adore my sister but she has quite a contempt for me. Since I'm the youngest and still live at home, I live a 'spoiled' life in her eyes. And my youngest brother sometimes reminds me of autistic children, no motion and you can only speak about the subject that they like. Really annoying.
I'm not close to my mom and dad because of the lies they whispered into my ears that led me to hate them both, but my mom got the upper hand (because she had cancer at the time) and I got into a fight with my dad for 4 years about nothing and eventually I fixed it. But the information that I got form my dad proved me that I indeed was simply used as a tool to hurt him. Although he himself is also an incredible lier. He pretends to be a AMAZING dad while he's just an immature jerk. I respect my mom, for how she manged to raise 4 kids by herself, but her inability to trust -anyone- even her own children, eventually kills all relationships.

7. What trait is annoying in other people?
Close minded people. I am an atheist and I do believe that there's something beyond but not necesserly a god or whatever. I truly detest people who think that an ancient book it the ONLY truth. And that being 'gay' is a decease and that abortion is murder. Really, being gay is not a decease it's a feeling and a way most of them are born with. They can't help it and why should they not be able to marry? It's about love isn't it? And if my mother didn't have an abortion maybe I did have an younger brother now, but thankfully she didn't because otherwise she would have had to raise 5 kids by her own. So I totally understand her choice that 4 was enough and I think such choices are not for other people to make. You should not be condemned to anything, you should have the freedom to do as you like with your body and feelings and opinion.

Harry Potter and You

8. You are allowed to take a pet to Hogwarts. Which animal would you take and why?
A cat. A simple mixed breed mutt form the pound will do. I love their arrogance and their efficiency, and ability to take care of themselves, we humans are merely there to feed them. And they have a very strong will, if they do not want to be petted you'll get clawed. I do not prefer a pure bred because I never really see the difference. And I think a mixed breed might have less problems with health problems but I don't know that one for sure.

9. If you were to be playing a character in the books, who would you play?
Tonks, because I think transforming to my will would be awesome XD Adding to that she's one of the youngest people in the Order of the Phoenix and she's really easy going (and a klutz) but I think my silly / hyper nature equals hers ^^  

10. What would you see in the mirror of Erised?
I would see myself as an illustrator, a husband an two or tree kids in a big land house in South Africa. I think most girls have the dream of raising a family, it's only natural, and if a husband's included than why not? I've been to Souths Africa once already and I would love to live there. They use a lot of languages but the more southern part of the country speaks a delightful dialect of fused Dutch and English, and since I'm obviously good at them (being Dutch myself) it's no problem to make them understand me. And there's the climate and the animals. I'm not a winter person, I'm definitely a Summer person. I love wearing my sunglasses tee hee. And the people of course, everything there is so relaxed, everything has it own pace (but, mind you, that's only outside of the tree capitals). Of course there are risks too, but everything has risks, and for achieving my goals, I would gladly take those risks. I suppose it's not that much to wish for but even though I'm a daydreamer at heart, I'm also very realistic. I'm not the one who would go wishing for things that's simply impossible.

11. What would your Boggart be and what form would it take upon using the Riddikulus spell?
Loneliness. I can't stand to be alone, I think one really can. But I need the presence of people around me. I don't need to hear them or see them, just to know that their there. I don't know the true feeling of loneliness, I never am totally alone as I still live at home, that probably the reason why I fear it the most.
So I think the Boggert would expand to make a room empty and silent. More like an isolation room. And for my Riddikulus spell, it would make the room full of *pink* and *fluffy* stuff and blasting some Hardcore music XD

12. Which spell would you want to master the most?
Muffliato (muf-lee-AH-to)
["muffle" Eng. to deaden a sound, making it more difficult to hear
Fills the ears of target persons near the caster with an unidentifiable buzzing, so that the caster can hold lengthy conversations without being overheard.] from HP-Lexicon

Me and my friends are usually very load and we tend to say the most insane things (we tend to talk about us being aliens an stuff, and we're not even trekkies XD) were most people frown upon, and I do not need that kind of treatment. If I like to be silly, then let me be. But with the Muffliato we could talk like that all day long without anyone looking at us like we're stooopidd. HA! XD (now we still have to write each other, ghehehe which can be really fun also, since we all tend to draw very silly pictures beside it).

13. If you were a squib, would you stay in the Wizarding world or would you choose to go into the muggle world?
I would live in the muggle word but sometimes return for some goodies ^^ I would dislike to be remembered every time and time again that I do not have any magic, so that's the reason why I would live in the muggle world. But there's a lot of magic things that work without your own magic so I would definitely return for some stuff that would make my life easyer.

The Community

14. What do you think you can bring to this community?
Hyperactivity OH YES XD whoo yah

15. Rank the four houses, from the house you feel you most likely get into, to the house you feel you could never get into. Explain why.
Hufflepuff & Gryffindor
I were I usually get sorted into because of my hard working nature and my loyalty towards my friends.

Slytherin & Ravenclaw
I were I rarely get sorted into because I'm not really that book smart or have any cunning.

16. How did you hear about this community? If it was from a LJ member, who?
The Gnev told me to do it XD

17. Anything else we should know?
But I like the cookie O.O
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Robotthevaticant on July 5th, 2006 06:04 pm (UTC)
gryffindor(k) teehee
Let me count the ways:
1. You talk about having the courage to be who you want to be. That's a gryff for ya!
2. ... hmm. That's a bit of a Ravenclaw answer, I'd say. You like the teaching methods of Snape despite the whole... emotional wreckage that comes with it. I think hating his methods would be more Gryffy.
3. You liked (read and reread) the ministry action scenes. I expect Gryffs would want to leap into the fray as well. One more for the lions!
4. Loyalty & optimism & distrust... maybe even contempt? - Gryffy.
Neutrality & indecisiveness & loyalty - puffish
We'll say Gryffindor for this question too.
5. Gryffindor, I think... maybe a bit Hufflepuff.
6. hmmm... not sure.
7. Ravenclaw?
8. Gryff
9. Puff
10. hmm. dunno.
11. I want to say Hufflepuff for this one. I tend to see puffs generally as sociable people, so lonliness would be a puff's natural enemy.
12. Sounds like a puff answer to me.
13. Hmm... dunno.
14. *gives you sugar*
15. *points to subject line*
16. *gazes blankly into space*
17. see above.
ANNND the grand total iiiiis:
Slytherin - 1...ish.
Ravenclaw - 2
Hufflepuff - 3 or 4
Gryffindor - 5ish
undecided - 3
(yes I realize this doesn't add up) :)
Maaike: Love Megmaaiker on July 5th, 2006 09:03 pm (UTC)
Re: gryffindor(k) teehee
Lol ^^ Thanks for voting ^^
Something Hinky This Way Comescafpows on July 5th, 2006 08:45 pm (UTC)
I'll list the main reasons here. The way you describe your relationship with your family and the relationship with your friends completely reminded me of the Marauders or more specifically Sirius. Most of number four was Gryff and so was 5. I did see quite a bit of Puff in the app as well. I daresay that we have quite a few Gryffinpuffs around here! XD

Maaike: Love Megmaaiker on July 5th, 2006 09:04 pm (UTC)
Re: Gryffindor
Tee hee ^^ Well I actually was stamped Lavender Brown but I never really agreed witht that... I'm don't really hate my family the way Sirius does, but anyway XD
THANKS! for voting ^^
Something Hinky This Way Comescafpows on July 5th, 2006 09:21 pm (UTC)
Re: Gryffindor
Lavender? Wow. I'm glad you don't hate your family like Sirius does! I guess just the way he was really fond of specific members of his family (like Tonks and her mom) but not so much on others just reminded me of it. XD But no matter, you're a Gryff! ;) No doubt.
head_huntress on July 6th, 2006 10:51 pm (UTC)
You still have lots of Hufflepuff in you my dear! Actually I can't believe how Gryffinpuff you are. *still is mad about not getting you in my house at F_R* But over all your Gryffindor side rules over your Hufflepuff side just a tad more.

Karli, homeless.
Ab imo pectore: miseryeverenthralledx on July 12th, 2006 08:10 am (UTC)
Gryffindor! (Were you expecting anything else?)
Yeah, you're a Gryffindor. How do I explain this?

Hello. You are Maaike.

Really, it's that simple. But I'll elaborate if you really want me to. XD

Another example when you are me if I agree, and I really don't, but it's easier for you to think that I do, I answer 'indeed' instead of 'yes'. Most people do not even notice the difference but to me it's very amusing >:) .
I'll remember that! *suspicious look*

Indecisive I have a hard time choosing ANYTHING really. I usually am capable to hide this trait by piking out what's most logic or by just going with the flow. I know it annoys a lot of people but the reason I don't want to choose is because I always
Always what? Always get eaten by purple monsters when you make the wrong decision?

Sorry the vote was short, but the gnev ate my brain, I think. :(
Maaikemaaiker on July 12th, 2006 11:50 am (UTC)
Re: Gryffindor! (Were you expecting anything else?)
The 'indeed' and 'yes' part are only in real life. Because I actually use 'jawel' instead of 'ja' the Dutch translation. I don't do it when chatting.

always just want them to comfterble with my choice too. I do not fear making chouses because I think I'll regret them, I hardly regret anything.
and yes gnev did eat your brain.
♥ Charlotte Anne Elizabeth Leigh Ashburn ♥: Ewan Bibliophileannebloom188 on July 12th, 2006 09:53 am (UTC)
Part One

Harry Potter
The way that you relate to Ginny shows that you are practical and with a level of intellect that I think can be likened with Hermione. You show yourself to be open as much and you support your answer with so much aptitude that I think you gave yourself for a Gryffindor almost at once.

The fact that you like Snape and you appreciate his love for Potions and the way he shows his love for the subject and tries to get students to be perfect in the art of potions as he does, tell me that you have a Hufflepuff trait. You understand why he is a certain way and this to me, shows that you are quite just and you don’t blame him for being that way and somewhat you can relate to him a little. It’s not very often you hear someone sticking up for Snape but the way you explained yourself was very noble and very Hufflepuff with a dash of Ravenclaw.

The part where you always emphasises how many times you’ve read the book or certain chapters tells me that you emphasises it to get people’s attention and it also tells me that you somewhat have a thirst to prove yourself which I think is a Gryffindor trait.

I think the way you describe your loyalty was more Hufflepuff than Gryffindor mainly because I see Gryffindor’s loyalty to be a through thick and thin kind of loyalty. But the way you pick up after your friends tell me that you value friendship in a certain way that can only be said of Hufflepuffs. The fact that you admit to have changed in view to be an optimist is a very Hufflepuff trait in my view. Neutrality is another Hufflepuff view too. You see things in a middle way where you see the good and the bad and you balance it out and this is a very just trait to possess. All three positive traits are pure Hufflepuff attributes in my view.

However, your negative traits are a mixture of Gryffindor and Slytherin in my view. You hold others in contempt are a Slytherin view and distrust is a Gryffindor trait I think. And the last trait of being indecisive is very Gryffindor of you.

Your admiration for your sister is something I had a difficult time on but after much deliberation, I think you show an aptitude to be Gryffindor. You show that she’s been like a guideline as to how to live your life and you see her as someone to look up to because she gave you something to be or to follow.
The fact that you value friends more than family because your family failed you in life tells me you are a Gryffindor. Full stop!

The fact that you believe in something that others don’t and you fight for it, shows me passion and Gryffindor.
♥ Charlotte Anne Elizabeth Leigh Ashburn ♥: Domino Keiraannebloom188 on July 12th, 2006 09:56 am (UTC)
Re: Part Two

HP & You
You wanting to play Tonks tell me you are somewhat playful and you relate to her clumsiness and that is truly Gryffindor.
Your answer for number ten tells me that you see life as a risk everyday but you’re not afraid to take a plunger and take a risk in life. (If that makes sense at all.) But your individualist nature and the fact that you see South Africa as a beautiful country and usually someone liking a natural place like that and even more seeing it from magical mirror tells me that you are more Gryffindor than ever.

Loneliness seems to me like a Hufflepuff fear. I don’t know why but you’d be someone who I think has a rational fear to be left unaccompanied in the world is scary but I suppose you’re usually often feel at ease with the company of friends. But this is difficult; I’d take a guess and say that you’re a Gryffinpuff.

The Community
Nothing much I could gather from here except for a few traces of Hufflepuff and Gryffindor once again.

Overall : I had a hard time to be honest picking you for one house because in my view you share the equality in being a good candidate for both Gryffindor and Hufflepuff. Your positive traits show me that you are worthy of Hufflepuff but your negative traits is the opposite, Gryffindor. You don’t quite have the passion to be Gryffindor but you do have the bravery in life to succeed and go against the wind and be an individual person in this world. You do have the just features to be a very good Hufflepuff but you lack the loyalty I think. Ugh! Your application is very frustrating for me, Maaike. Hufflepuff’s are quite predictable because they’re very sociable people in my view and you claim that your boggart would become loneliness. So I’m gonna go with my gut instinct and say :) Hufflepuff. It’s not so bad I suppose. You’d be a great Hufflepuff I think.

Maaike: Friends Chobitsmaaiker on July 12th, 2006 11:57 am (UTC)
Re: Part Two
Thank you for your vote ^^ I know I'm a total Gryffinpuff so and I used be sorted itno Hufflepuff all the time before I came to H_S O.o! It was hte -first- time I ever got sorted into Gryffindor ^^; Thanks again for the lovely explanation.
♥ Charlotte Anne Elizabeth Leigh Ashburn ♥: Fernando Torresannebloom188 on July 12th, 2006 02:59 pm (UTC)
Re: Part Two
You're welcome Maaike. :)
The Black Lady of Baarthpearshateraqui on July 12th, 2006 02:20 pm (UTC)
Gryffindork!! XD
Oh man, I wish I could give you a huuuuge comment on all the ways you are, like you gave me, but I honestly can't. I'll settle with saying that, while I see a fair 'Puff side to you, you're more a Gryff. Not a load more mind, but enough to give the app that little nudge towards the lions. Your loyalty may know no bounds, but it's the determination for you to do something completely amazing, and leap right into these situations, that give the lions an upper hand for me. Complete Gryffindor m'dear ;)